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Preaching by Robert Gay O.P.


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fr Robert Gay is Hall Bursar of Blackfriars Hall Oxford, and a student at St Mary's University College, Twickenham.

2nd November 2014: Blessings for All

fr Robert presents the moral life as one which is offered to all, not to a chosen few.

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29th December 2013: A Family in Crisis

fr Robert argues that the Holy Family in its moments of crisis is most powerfully a model for our own families.

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3rd March 2013: Daily Conversion

fr Robert urges us to see each day of our life as a time for penance and conversion.

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20th May 2012: Not 'Of' the World

fr Robert helps us to understand what Chirst means when he says that his disciples are not 'of' this world.

In some places, the Feast of the Ascension is celebrated this Sunday, and our sermon for the Ascension can be found via the Liturgical Index on the left hand side of the site.

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14th August 2011: What Sort of Dog?

fr Robert Gay finds that today's Gospel particularly challenges him as a Dominican.

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16th January 2011: Pointing in the Right Direction

fr Robert Gay asks us to consider whether our lives are effective signs.

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18th April 2010: The Mission of Easter

fr Robert Gay wants us to get excited.

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5th July 2009: Take a Second Look

fr Robert Gay suggests that we need to recognise who we are in order to know who Christ is.

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