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Preaching by Robert Eccles O.P.


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fr. Bob Eccles works as a prison chaplain in Belgium as a member of an international community of Dominican friars based in Brussels at the heart of the European Union.

16th May 2004: God makes a home in us

fr. Bob Eccles preaches on the meaning of home, controversy and household of faith. more »

4th May 2003: So great was their joy

fr. Bob Eccles preaches on the joy of the resurrection and the wounds of the risen Christ. more »

6th October 2002: A Ruined Vineyard

fr. Bob Eccles preaches without neglecting the sounds of violence and war. more »

17th December 2000: A Dancing God

fr. Bob Eccles preaches on the third Sunday of Advent in the chapel of HM Prison at Leicester. more »