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Latest Sermon

The Church's Healing Touch?

fr David ask us to reflect on how we can brings Christ's healing presence to those most alone in the world.

by David Sanders O.P.
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Liturgical Index

Twenty-Ninth Sunday of the Year

Cycle: A - 19th October 2014: Respect for Politicians

David Goodill O.P.

29A What difference does faith make to your life? St Paul, addressing the Thessalonians in today’s second reading heaps praise on them for... more »

Cycle: A - 16th October 2011: Render to God

Bruno Clifton O.P.

Assyria and Babylon, the two monsters of Israel's nightmares; the two-headed beast of their defeat and failure; the end of God's promise that... more »

Cycle: A - 19th October 2008: Beating the Crunch

Dominic White O.P.

In the paper the other day someone wrote about the current economic crash as a 'crisis of faith': we had believed in the money markets as our... more »

Cycle: A - 16th October 2005: The Hidden Hand

Jonathan Fleetwood O.P.

Today's first reading and the Gospel reflect on the Jewish people living under two separate repressive regimes, which are five hundred years apart... more »

Cycle: A - 20th October 2002: God is Owed his Image

Dermot Morrin O.P.

The question posed to Jesus in today's Gospel was a very important one for the Jewish people of his day. The Romans imposed a poll tax on all the... more »

Cycle: B - 21st October 2012: To Save the Many

Leon Pereira O.P.

There is a tendency for us to define ourselves by what we do, and not by what we are. ‘What do you do?’ is not just the Queen’s... more »

Cycle: B - 18th October 2009: Jesus Purifies a People for Himself

Austin Milner O.P.

Jesus has already told his disciples about his coming suffering in disgrace and death on three different occasions; each time they fail to... more »

Cycle: B - 22nd October 2006: The Learning Church

Edward Booth O.P.

How surprising it is that the Apostle and Evangelist John should be one of those who fancied for himself a conspicuous place in the heavenly glory!... more »

Cycle: B - 19th October 2003: The Temptations of Service

Euan Marley O.P.

Over twenty years ago, I arrived by train in Agrigento, in Sicily. Just outside this town lies the famous valley of the temples, a valley covered... more »

Cycle: C - 20th October 2013: A Surge of the Heart

Peter H. Harries O.P.

Luke especially records Jesus telling us stories, parables, involving some disreputable characters. On recent Sundays we have heard about the manager... more »

Cycle: C - 17th October 2010: Urgency and Eternity

John O'Connor O.P.

In the readings this weekend we are given some insight into how our requests to God relate to time, our time and God's time. In both the reading... more »

Cycle: C - 21st October 2007: In All Humanity

Duncan Campbell O.P.

To give any thought to religion is to find it difficult. It seems to fit less and less into the world we have learnt to understand. The old, clear... more »

Cycle: C - 17th October 2004: Done Speedily

Paul-Martin White O.P.

Through radio, television, the internet, and many other means of communication, people in every corner of the globe can be in instant contact with... more »

Cycle: C - 21st October 2001: The Articulation of Desire

Aidan Nichols O.P.

The readings of today's Liturgy are meant to say something about one part of the God-man relationship, the part we call the 'prayer of... more »