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Latest Sermon

The Church's Healing Touch?

fr David ask us to reflect on how we can brings Christ's healing presence to those most alone in the world.

by David Sanders O.P.
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Liturgical Index

Thirteenth Sunday of the Year

Cycle: A - 26th June 2005: Go out to the Whole World

Fergus Kerr O.P.

The Gospel is addressed to the church as a whole. In chapter 10 of his Gospel, however, Matthew sets out the instruction that Jesus gave to his... more »

Cycle: A - 30th June 2002: Water of death - water of life

Gordian Marshall O.P.

St Paul never met Jesus -- at least not before Jesus died. He makes a point of saying that. It's almost a boast. His faith, his life, is not based on... more »

Cycle: B - 1st July 2012: A Lethal Infection?

Richard J. Ounsworth O.P.

Every society is built upon symbols. In our own time, the symbols of the dollar and euro signs and the golden arches of McDonald’s seem to... more »

Cycle: B - 28th June 2009: The Healing of the Nations

Aelred Connelly O.P.

The first reading tells us that death and sickness came into the world, through the devil's envy. God's response to this tragedy of sin and death was... more »

Cycle: B - 2nd July 2006: A Loving Touch

Fergus Kerr O.P.

It's the robust earthy physicality of Mark's story that calls for reflection. Back on 'the other side', the west bank of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus... more »

Cycle: C - 27th June 2010: Free

Dominic White O.P.

My friend Robert Enoch is an all-too-rare combination of a committed Christian and a serious artist. Recently he published his work 'Free' on the... more »

Cycle: C - 1st July 2007: Nowhere to Lay his Head

Aidan Nichols O.P.

In the second part of today's Gospel we learn that whereas foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his... more »

Cycle: C - 27th June 2004: Jerusalem

Giles Hibbert O.P.

Jesus' life and ministry, at least in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, are almost entirely set in Galilee, and in these Gospels, after having... more »

Cycle: C - 1st July 2001: Looking Back

Mark Edney O.P.

Today's Gospel ends with Jesus' warning that 'no one who looks back is fit for the kingdom of God'.Human thought and literature is full of similar... more »