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Latest Sermon

The Church's Healing Touch?

fr David ask us to reflect on how we can brings Christ's healing presence to those most alone in the world.

by David Sanders O.P.
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Liturgical Index

The Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Cycle: A - 22nd June 2014: Living Bread

David McLean O.P.

Every year, lots of children are prepared for their First Communion, which is of course quite relevant to today’s feast of Corpus Christi,... more »

Cycle: A - 26th June 2011: Amazing Grace

Benedict Jonak O.P.

We find in St Thomas Aquinas’s reflection on the Incarnation of Christ an interesting point: God did not have to redeem us by assuming human body... more »

Cycle: A - 25th May 2008: Real Presence, Mystical Body

Denis Geraghty O.P.

Since the Second Vatican Council, the reformed liturgy has led to a remarkable shift in Eucharistic piety. Before the liturgical changes, Eucharistic... more »

Cycle: A - 26th May 2005: More Than Just Being There

John O'Connor O.P.

There is a cartoon of a cowboy in the middle of a barren desert, with only the odd cactus nearby, answering his mobile phone, saying, "I'm completely... more »

Cycle: A - 30th May 2002: Feast of God's Friendship

Richard Conrad O.P.

Last Christmas, we recalled how God the Father sent us his Son. By his words and deeds, above all by his death for his friends, Jesus revealed his... more »

Cycle: B - 10th June 2012: Eucharistic Service

Malcolm McMahon O.P.

Dominicans from St Thomas Aquinas onwards have been very articulate in helping the Church understand more deeply the mystery of the Blessed Eucharist... more »

Cycle: B - 14th June 2009: The Wellspring of Hope

John Farrell O.P.

In the Catholic Tradition we use the phrase 'Body Of Christ' in three distinct but interconnecting ways. The first and constant use is to refer... more »

Cycle: B - 15th June 2006: Food that's Simply Divine

Leon Pereira O.P.

'Don't play with your food,' my mother used to say to me, and still does. Some people would say the same about today's feast, that food is for eating... more »

Cycle: B - 19th June 2003: The Power of Words

Euan Marley O.P.

When the Pope came to Britain, one of the broadsheet papers had a rather unkind cartoon, depicting the Pope speaking to a vast crowd, but with the... more »

Cycle: C - 2nd June 2013: Taking Pleasure in the things of God

Peter Hunter O.P.

I think it is fair to say that my mother doesn’t particularly enjoy cooking (except perhaps on special occasions) but she certainly has always... more »

Cycle: C - 6th June 2010: Whetting Our Appetites

Richard Finn O.P.

High on the wall at Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, in the glitter of the fifth-century mosaic, the standing figure of Melchizedek presents bread and... more »

Cycle: C - 7th June 2007: He Hungers to Love Us

Theodore Taylor O.P.

Both the second reading and the Gospel for today's feast relate to food as it bears on the community we form with one another and the Lord.We are... more »

Cycle: C - 10th June 2004: A Mystery We Must Become

Timothy J. Calvert O.P.

Listening to preaching can demand a lot of Christian charity and patience. Sometimes when hearing a sermon you can guess what the preacher is going... more »

Cycle: C - 14th June 2001: Human words become God's Word

Herbert McCabe O.P.

The eucharist is about the way we are with each other, about our unity. This is obvious from its shape, a ritual meal, an eating and drinking... more »