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Latest Sermon

The Church's Healing Touch?

fr David ask us to reflect on how we can brings Christ's healing presence to those most alone in the world.

by David Sanders O.P.
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Liturgical Index

Pentecost Sunday

12th June 2011: Enthusiasm

Malcolm McMahon O.P.

In my ministry over the last ten years as a bishop I have come to experience the gift of the Holy Spirit in a new way and immediate way. A... more »

23rd May 2010: Blowin' in the Wind

Gregory Murphy O.P.

The Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of God, poured out upon us to make us holy, is curiously self-effacing. Trying to describe the Spirit is like trying... more »

31st May 2009: The Importance of the Number Seven

Neil Ferguson O.P.

Throughout Lent, Easter and Ascension the scriptures use the imagery of the Temple to show us who Christ is and what he does for us. We might think... more »

11th May 2008: The Perfect Community

John Kenrick O.P.

For Christians Pentecost is the day the Spirit descended on Our Lady and the apostles in the upper room. Yet in John's Gospel it is clear that Jesus... more »

27th May 2007: Paraclete, or Parakeets?

Peter H. Harries O.P.

Pentecost Sunday is the day God gave the Holy Spirit to the Apostles. Our principal reading today, unusually, is not from the Gospel but is the first... more »

Cycle: A - 8th June 2014: Born, Shaped and Filled with the Holy Spirit

Fergus Kerr O.P.

Pentecost — meaning fiftieth in Greek, counting the days from Passover to the Feast of Weeks, from the exodus from Egypt to the giving of the... more »

Cycle: A - 15th May 2005: Channels of Divine Love

Richard Conrad O.P.

Today's Preface praises God because he poured out the Holy Spirit on this day, 'and so brought the Paschal Mystery to its completion'. Today's gift... more »

Cycle: A - 19th May 2002: God comes down

Simon Francis Gaine O.P.

There's something very odd in the first reading, the story about the building of the Tower of Babel where God confuses the language of the builders... more »

Cycle: B - 27th May 2012: Peace Twofold Bestowed

Timothy J. Calvert O.P.

In the upper room the disciples encounter the ongoing reality of Jesus, and the whole world changes. When someone we love dies, we build a mausoleum... more »

Cycle: B - 8th June 2003: The Holy Spirit

Piers Linley O.P.

The Holy Spirit can't be pinned down to a single name or imageHe is like the wind He blows where he chooses whence He comes and wither He goes no one... more »

Cycle: C - 30th May 2004: The Meaning of Pentecost

Aelred Connelly O.P.

Today's reading gives us a clue as to what the experience of the first Pentecost meant. It does not dwell on the fire, wind and noise, but on the... more »

Cycle: C - 3rd June 2001: The Spirit's words of forgiveness

Denis Minns O.P.

Two sounds are mentioned by St Luke in the Acts of the Apostles in connection with the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The first was a sound... more »