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Latest Sermon

The Church's Healing Touch?

fr David ask us to reflect on how we can brings Christ's healing presence to those most alone in the world.

by David Sanders O.P.
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Liturgical Index

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Cycle: A - 13th April 2014: Hail the King

Allan White O.P.

“ You saw those headlines and you thought ‘one day that could happen to me’ and it will Mr. Blair, quire suddenly and without... more »

Cycle: A - 17th April 2011: Staying the Course

Gregory Murphy O.P.

Gethsemane provides the final lesson in discipleship given by Jesus before his execution and exaltation, and that lesson is rooted in prayer. ... more »

Cycle: A - 16th March 2008: Journeying Together

Anthony Axe O.P.

One of the features linking the birth of Christ with his death is the presence of a donkey. There is a Christmas poem (by E. Fanthorpe), in which the... more »

Cycle: A - 20th March 2005: Two Processions, a Single Heart

Simon Francis Gaine O.P.

Today's liturgy celebrates two processions, a procession into the city of Jerusalem, and a procession outside the city walls. Each appears to be... more »

Cycle: A - 24th March 2002: A Disturbing Entrance

Colin Carr O.P.

A person gets remembered in all sorts of different ways: no two people will have exactly the same memories, but their different memories will build... more »

Cycle: B - 1st April 2012: Not Just One of the Crowd

Timothy Radcliffe O.P.

We have two readings from Mark's gospel, and each describes a crowd. There is the enthusiastic crowd of people who cheer Jesus when he enters... more »

Cycle: B - 5th April 2009: Freedom to Live

Benedict Jonak O.P.

A busy shopping street in London, Berlin, New York or any other big city can show us how much freedom in fact we have. Chains of similar looking... more »

Cycle: B - 9th April 2006: The Royal Way

Isidore Clarke O.P.

Palm Sunday is a mass of contradictions!It begins with a joyful procession of pilgrims, coming to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. That feast... more »

Cycle: B - 13th April 2003: Parody or Reality?

Richard Finn O.P.

The desire to be met with acclaim seemingly runs deep - to be hailed as liberators, the streets of Basra or Baghdad lined with cheering crowds.Across... more »

Cycle: C - 24th March 2013: MIXED MESSAGES!

Peter Clarke O.P.

From early childhood Jesus had been accustomed to making the long journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. This, the greatest of... more »

Cycle: C - 28th March 2010: More Than Loud Hosannas

Richard J. Ounsworth O.P.

It's often said that St Luke's Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles are two volumes of a single work. Almost certainly they are written by the same... more »

Cycle: C - 1st April 2007: The Very Stones

Timothy J. Calvert O.P.

A tour guide in the Holy Land once pointed to a pile of pebbles lying by the roadside in Jerusalem, and proudly declared: 'These are the stones that... more »

Cycle: C - 4th April 2004: The Passion according to Luke

Columba Ryan O.P.

There is a great debate going on about Mel Gibson's film The Passion. I have not seen it, and I'm not sure I want to, for two reasons. The first is... more »

Cycle: C - 8th April 2001: Your King Comes to You

John Farrell O.P.

We have followed our Lenten journey from the far north up to the gates of Jerusalem, and now the Great Week begins. At each stop on the road - at... more »